Hope Away From Home

The 2nd installment of UNHCR Korea’s Online Film Festival has opened its doors on 9 June, 2023. Over the course of two weeks, a total of seven UNHCR Korea-produced documentary films will be available via this online platform.

Dodomu is the most recently unveiled documentary, which sheds light on the stories of three Ukrainian refugees who are rebuilding their lives in Poland. Other films that will be shown during the festival are as follows:

  • Belonging touches upon a sense of belonging through the personal stories of refugees, naturalized Korean and Korean adopted overseas;
  • Writing to Reach You explores the lives of four refugees trying to find new lives in the Republic of Korea;
  • The Displaced focuses on how the internally displaced in Iraq build new lives in camps;
  • Sanctuary shows the journey of Yemeni refugees arriving in the Republic of Korea;
  • The Unforgotten tells the stories of the internally displaced with disabilities;
  • Limbo talks about the story of a Syrian refugee family in Lebanon.

Through this event, we wish to provide an opportunity for people to listen to the stories of those forcibly displaced. We look forward to more people becoming a part of ‘hope away from home’ to people forced to flee.

  • Dates9 June (Fri) - 23 June (Fri), 2023
  • Films7 documentary films produced by UNHCR Korea
  • Screening venueFree online screening
  • Major EventsPremiere (offline event), talk session with director and assistant director
  • SloganHope Away From Home
  • Hosted byUNHCR Representation in the Republic of Korea
  • Sponsored byMinistry of Foreign Affairs
    Korea Refugee Rights Network