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The Unforgotten

  • Director Paul Wu
  • Year 2018
  • Country Iraq
  • Duration 23 mins


There are more than 1 billion people in the world who live with a disability. This film looks at the realities of living in a camp for displaced people for 12 year-old Hoda who is deaf and mute, Qasem who was blinded by a bomb and Mohammed, 14 who is a wheelchair user. This film is narrated by and features UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Jung Woo-sung who met Hoda when he visited Hasansham camp in Northern Iraq.

Director’s notes

It has always struck me that refugees are just normal folk - they are just like you and me, our families, our neighbours. Becoming a refugee is something forced upon you regardless of who you are or whether you happen to have a disability of some kind. In this film I wanted to capture the reality of living with a disability in a camp that was put up in emergency circumstances.