• Dodomu

  • Belonging

  • Writing to Reach You

  • The Displaced

  • Sanctuary

  • The Unforgotten

  • Limbo


  • Director Paul Wu
  • Year 2017
  • Country Lebanon
  • Duration 19 mins


Hassan and Jourieh and their daughters Reem, Asayel and Nour live in a tent in an informal settlement in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. Originally from Aleppo where Hassan made and sold sweets and pastries, the family were forced to leave their home when war broke out in Syria. Now they live their lives out not knowing what the future brings and with no clear way forward or back the family describe their existence in limbo. Narrated by UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador: Jung Woo-sung who met the family during a visit to Lebanon.

Director’s info

Paul Wu was born in Scotland to Chinese parents. He trained as a dancer and a journalist and worked as a Television Producer-Director for many years before beginning to make films for NGOs. He has made hundreds of films for fundraising, campaigning and awareness-raising purposes and has worked as a consultant with UNHCR since 2015. He lives in Sweden.